"With Aaron's Arms Around Me" and "The Mire"

new One-Act Play
A Sweet Word of Advice

W ritten and Directed by Sophia Romma                          
a play inspired by Anton Chekhov’s 19th century short story “Mire,”                   
spins a stark tale of                     
a young Russian Jewish Émigré,                    

who captures the heart of                    
 a twenty-eight year old renegade Lieutenant.                   

The play is an explosively liberating, funny and                    
 maniacal assault on the banality of materialism,                   

and the hypocrisy of war—ultimately a celebration                    
 of unearthly, unexpected and untimely love.                   

Set Design by Inna Bodner                     

premieres on Sunday, June 8th, 2008 at 10 PM at the                    
JCC in Manhattan                    
334 Amsterdam Ave at 76th Street                    
New York, New York 10023                    

The Past Is Still Ahead

- Библиотека Иностранной Литературы/www.libfl.ru                                    
- Pushkin House/www.pushkinhouse.org

A new play on the life of  Russia's Poet,                      
 Marina Tsvetaeva                       
Written as a monologue by Oded Be'eri                      
Adapted as a stage-play by Sophia Romma                      
Directed by Francois Rochaix and Sophia Romma                      
Set Design by Inna Bodner                       

premieres at the Cherry Lane Studio Theater                      
- 38 Commerce Street New York, NY 10014                      
December 6-15. 2007                       

at the Jewish Center of Kings Highway                     
- 1202 Avenue P Brooklyn, NY
December 16. 2007                      

at JCC in Manhattan                     
- 334 Amsterdam Ave at 76th Street                     
New York, New York 10023                     
January 17. 2008                      
at Pushkin House                    
- 5a Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2T                   
June 24-25. 2008